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Aymeric Laporte calls Man City's style 'superior' to other teams

Jude Summerfield
Laporte's City have been dominant in recent years
Laporte's City have been dominant in recent years / Craig Mercer/MB Media/GettyImages

Aymeric Laporte has described Manchester City's style of football as 'superior' to other sides in world football.

City's evolution into perhaps the finest ball-playing team in the world is arguably hitting its peak years, with the club dominant at domestic level in England under Pep Guardiola.

They have faced competition from Liverpool, who have won the Premier League and Champions League in recent years - the latter a trophy that continues to elude City.

The Reds went top of the Premier League on Saturday with their victory over Watford, shortly before City play Burnley, but Laporte insisted there is 'nothing to be envious about' at rival teams.

He told The Guardian: “City can’t be afraid of anyone. Something like this happened a few years ago: [Liverpool] were a point behind in the same week, and in the end we won the league. We have this fight now and that’s good for the fans, and neutrals.”

When asked if there's anything his side could take from rivals Liverpool, he added: "The football we play, no one else plays in the world. We’re an example of how to play nice football, to be superior in all areas. I think they’d like even part of our game.

"As for us having something of them: taking chances and benefiting from opponents’ errors a little more, because often we have the opportunity and don’t take it. We let the other team off. But there’s nothing to be envious about.”

Liverpool's rampant form and a few slip-ups from City have narrowed the Premier League title race, which is as close as it has been approaching the season's final weeks since the 2017/18 campaign, when the two sides battled it out with City eventually triumphing.

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