Arsene Wenger 'Rejects' Latest Offer of Return to Management

Robbie Copeland
Wenger is in no hurry to return to management
Wenger is in no hurry to return to management / Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Arsene Wenger recently rejected a lucrative offer from the Serbian FA to move into international management, according to a report in Serbia.

The 71-year-old hasn't managed since stepping down from Arsenal in 2018 and is in no hurry to return. He currently serves as FIFA's Chief of Global Development, and keeps himself in the public eye with various typically charming media appearances.

Serbia, however, are thought to be on the lookout for a new coach after David Marshall's big left hand put paid to their hopes of reaching Euro 2020. Ljubisa Tumbakovic's job looks tenuous, and according to Informer, the FSS (Serbian FA) have already begun the process of replacing him.

Slavisa Kokeza, president of the FSS, is said to have personally approached an intermediary of Wenger about taking the job, and told them that money is 'no problem'. Wenger, however, turned it down without too much thought.

The legendary Frenchman does want to return to management at some stage but has been laid back about waiting for the right opportunity. Speaking on his appearance on Desert Island Discs, he joked that he enjoys spending his downtime 'watching other managers suffer' and said that watching football from afar has helped him find a new appreciation of the game.

“I relax by watching other managers suffer and think 'It's your turn my friend'," he said. "But by watching football as well, you know, I love it so much. And it's easier for me when I watch other games to take a distance.

"Why does this player make this decision? What are the major mistakes they make? And I enjoy it because football is always unpredictable.

"It's not like theatre - you go every night to the theatre - it starts the same and finishes the same. Go every night to a football game - it's always different.”