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Arata Izumi believes RFDL is proving helpful to Indian youngsters

Mudeet Arora
Arata Izumi is impressed with RFDL
Arata Izumi is impressed with RFDL / RFYS Media

Former India international Arata Izumi has hailed the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) for the positive impact it is having on young Indian footballers.

Izumi is the head coach of the RF Young Champs side who is competing in the league.

The RFDL is an innovative league for the U-21 and U-23 footballers to gain another platform to showcase their talent on a national stage and Izumi believes youngsters will learn a lot from it.

"Our approach is always about individual development. That is why we have a specific principle of play. We want the boys to develop their understanding of football," he said while speaking to the Indian Super League media.

"Once we came to know about RFDL and it's happening at this time of the season, we started to think how we can, as a team, go into it and what style we want our boys to play in line with the principle we coached already.

It's more like the principle of the game. The individual players, if they understand the principle of play in moments of the game, I believe they can fit into any style of play. Different coaches have different philosophies, and our boys will be able to adjust. They will understand the coaches' demand.", he added.

Izumi also believes that this league will give opportunities to youngsters to take the launch towards becoming professional footballers in India.

"This league will give a lot of hope to the next generation of players who really want to be professional footballers. These boys can clearly see this Development League as their target and not only the players but their parents also. They can see a clear pathway to becoming a professional football player. They will know their son is getting a fair opportunity to prove himself.", he said.