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Antonio Conte says Premier League title challenge is 'impossible' next season

Jack Gallagher
Tottenham drew with Liverpool on Saturday
Tottenham drew with Liverpool on Saturday / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Antonio Conte has stated that it will be 'impossible' for Tottenham Hotspur to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City for the Premier League title next season.

Spurs' record against the league's top two sides has been fantastic this season, with Conte's men beating Man City twice and remaining unbeaten against Liverpool.

Speaking after his side's latest 1-1 draw with the latter on Saturday however, Conte insisted that he doesn't expect to challenge Liverpool and Man City's duopoly in the Premier League next season.

“Liverpool did this because they created a foundation with Jurgen [Klopp] and they did a fantastic job in seven years they won a lot," he said.

“He created a monster, in a good way, an amazing way. And he has to be satisfied - but to do this you have to have time and patience, and a lot of things because you have to go step by step.

"It’s impossible to imagine that next season you are going to win the title because I’m realistic and I know there are teams in England like Liverpool and City, Chelsea, also United, who are really strong. And it’s not simple to face these monsters.”

The Spurs boss also took the time to discuss Saturday's performance, stating that he believed a draw was a 'fair' result on the night.

“On one hand I think we have to be satisfied because it is not easy to play in this moment against an amazing team, especially at Anfield with an amazing atmosphere and a lot of noise. It’s not simple," he said.

“On the other, I think maybe we have to be a bit disappointed, and I can see it in the eyes of my players at the end of the game. A bit of disappointment because we had the chances to win, to win the game, especially the last time.

“It was an incredible chance but I repeat, good performance. I asked of my players to be good defensively and I think we didn’t concede to Liverpool any chances. We conceded from a deflection.

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“At the same time I asked for them to be brave, with courage, because Liverpool in every game are going to press you in a strong way. If we are prepared and you’ve studied the way to overcome this pressure, you can find a lot of space to attack and to create problems for Liverpool.

“When this happened we created the chances to score, but I think the draw was fair.”