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Angel City FC unveil crest & club colours ahead of 2022 kickoff

Max Cooper
Angel City FC have unveiled their new crest and club colours
Angel City FC have unveiled their new crest and club colours / Karl Bridgeman/Getty Images

Angel City FC have unveiled their crest and club colours ahead of their introduction to the National Women's Soccer League in 2022, selecting a sunset-inspired angel to best capture the essence of Los Angeles.

The ground-breaking majority-female owned NWSL club has been growing its bold new franchise in preparation to take to the pitch in the Spring of 2022, and its next step was the release of their club colours and crest.

And ACFC unveiled their brand new, timeless crest on Wednesday, having carefully created it to best reflect the values of Los Angeles and its citizens. The crest sports a glowing pink-to-orange coloured angel, in honour of the city's famous sunsets, on top of a black background.

The angel boasts 12 feathers, representing unity between the 11 players and their fans. The feathers are also stylistically based on the famous LA palm tree leaves, offering another clear reference to their home town.

The shape of the angel wings is inspired by the red-tailed hawk, a bird of prey common to the area. The wings also break through the shield of the crest, symbolising their intentions to break the mould and break down social barriers.

The top-right corner of the badge stands taller than the left side on a 22 degree angle - the number of players on the field, and the year in which they will begin their adventure (2022). The crest was created by Amedea Tassinari, a woman born and bred in Los Angeles.

ACFC has also released a selection of merchandise sporting the new logo, which is available for purchase here.

Founder and President of ACFC, Julie Uhrman, explained that the club's visual identity reflects the most important symbols of Los Angeles, and the club 'stands for a more equitable future for all'.

"In this great city known for its endless sunsets and legendary stars, our visual identity had to pay homage to these important Los Angeles symbols, yet also signal what Angel City stands for ‒ a more equitable future for all."

Head of Marketing, Kayla Green, also stated that the identity and crest represent 'everything we believe in', and they aim to 'never stop challenging the status quo.'

"We stand on the shoulders of giants, forging a path of change, impact and excellence. Our brand identity and crest are representative of everything we believe in. They are a visual reminder to the world that we must never stop challenging the status quo in our unwavering pursuit of equity."

ACFC are aiming to reshape soccer ownership in America, and to bring a more positive light upon the world of sport, by helping its community and creating a real bond between the club and its supporters.

Angel City also released a 10-minute "Brand Launch Show" on YouTube, with Kate Abdo hosting the exciting event. Club founder Natalie Portman gives her thoughts on the progress the club is making in the video, while we also learn about ACFC's true identity and ambitions for the future.