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Anatomy of a goal: Luis Diaz's stunning overhead kick against Brazil

Ross Jackson
Luis Díaz scored a sensational overhead kick against Brazil
Luis Díaz scored a sensational overhead kick against Brazil / MAURO PIMENTEL/Getty Images

If you were a manager giving your team one final pep talk before they headed out onto the field to play Brazil, chances are you'd do your best emphasise the importance of keeping things tight early on.

Shockingly, we weren't privy to Colombia boss Reinaldo Rueda's team talk prior to his side's Copa America clash with the Selecao on Wednesday night, though there's a distinct possibility the instruction 'make sure we're still on level terms after ten minutes' was dished out - but in Spanish probably.

Luis Diaz had other ideas.

Brazil had yet to concede a goal in the 2021 Copa America heading into the game, with comprehensive wins against Venezuela and Peru seeing them take maximum points from their first two Group A outings, so it was going to take something special to breach their defence.

When Juan Cuadrado swung a deep cross towards the back post, his Juventus teammate Danilo found himself caught under the ball as it went sailing over both his and Colombian midfielder Mateus Uribe's head.

Arriving late into the box was Diaz, yet he looked to have mistimed his run and found himself ahead of the ball as it drifted over to the back post. Turns out it wasn't mistimed at all, he knew exactly what he was doing.

In a moment of absolute genius, the Porto winger leapt off the ground before connecting perfectly with the ball, sending it flying past the helpless Weverton in goal.

What made the strike even more special was the audacity and the technique shown in the few milliseconds before he connected with the ball. This wasn't your ordinary, bog-standard bicycle kick using the ol' scissor technique, he genuinely went with both feet.

At the point of contact the Colombian midfielder looked more like an Olympic diver than a footballer, though he'd definitely have lost points on the landing after ending up with looking like your drunk uncle at a cousin's birthday party trying to do a backflip, but now we're just being picky.

Football's various governing bodies all over the world seem intent on changing the game, or 'improving it' as they like to call it, and if there's one change we're willing to champion after seeing Luiz's strike it's that two-footed overhead kicks should count for double if they go in.

Luis Diaz's superb acrobatic goal against brazil
Luis Diaz's superb acrobatic goal against brazil / CARL DE SOUZA/Getty Images

The fact that one of the best goals in Copa America history ultimately counted for nothing just doesn't quite feel right, with Roberto Firmino levelling the scores in the 78th minute and Real Madrid's Casemiro bagging the winner in the tenth minute of added time.

The result doesn't impact Colombia's progression through to the knockout rounds having already booked their place in the quarter-finals, and despite the loss at least they can sleep safe in the knowledge that Goal of the Tournament is already in the bag.