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Alphonso Davies to release NFT collection in June

Ross Jackson
Alphonso Davies will release a Non-Fungible Token collection
Alphonso Davies will release a Non-Fungible Token collection / Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Alphonso Davies is launching a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection in June with each piece of digital art offering buyers the chance to meet the Bayern Munich full-back in person.

The collection will be made up of three unique designs which Davies' social media followers will be given the chance to influence via a voting system, while the pieces will be created by US-based illustrator Jack Perkins.

Three lucky winners will be picked from a raffle to receive the limited edition NFTs along with the chance for one winner to meet the Canada international where they'll also receive a signed Champions League winners' shirt.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will host and trade the NFTs while this represents the first campaign following Davies' partnership with sports marketing specialists B-Engaged.

The Bayern Munich man spoke of his desire to engage with people across the world and said it's been an honour to work with the companies involved.

“It’s been crazy to see the way crypto has grown over the years to the point where I feel now it’s changing the game through NFTs and providing another opportunity for genuine engagement with fans," he said.

Davies was one of the breakout stars of last season's Champions League / MIGUEL A. LOPES/Getty Images

"Away from football I am always looking into new technological changes to help engage with people across the world, and this is just another layer to my digital presence.

"It gives fans the opportunity to decide what the final piece will look like and to work together with them is so cool and the whole experience is really positive for me. It’s been an honour to work with ATG, B-Engaged, Binance and Jack throughout this whole process, too.”

Founder of ATG Nedal Huoseh also spoke of his excitement over the project and is excited the see the unveiling of the designs.

“The NFT market is a really unique space, and we are excited to have Alphonso launch his own collection. It makes it even more special that it will be co-created with input & ideas from his fan base. 

"ATG Sports Management & Alphonso are always looking to grow and adapt the current markets and to move into the NFT market alongside B-Engaged and Binance is an exciting time for us. We are excited to see all our ideas come to life in the near future.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the collection can so on Binance's soon-to-be launched Binance NFT marketplace website.