Alisha Lehmann launches 'Be Brave' vanity kit on Ultimate Team™️ in EA SPORTS FC 24

  • Lehmann will see her new 'Be Brave' vanity kit added to EA Sports FC 24
  • Design is inspired by Aston Villa star's personal tattoos
  • Players across the globe will be able to access Lehmann's kit in game
Lehmann is launching her own kit in EA Sports FC
Lehmann is launching her own kit in EA Sports FC / EA Sports

Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann is keen to prove the importance of self-expression as her new 'Be Brave' vanity kit is released in Ultimate Team™️ on EA Sports FC 24.

Lehmann's second vanity collection with EA Sports, 'Be Brave' is a personal motto for the Swiss international, who has the same words tattooed on her neck as a constant reminder not to hide her true self to satisfy others.

"If you would have told me as a little girl growing up near Bern I would be launching my own Vanity Kit on EA Sports FC I would’ve laughed in your face so for girls from small towns like mine it just proves anything is possible if you have the determination and desire," Lehmann tells 90min.

"Obviously compared to countries like France and England Switzerland is tiny but sometimes the underdog can win and that’s what we have to hope for.

"I’ve always felt that people should express themselves however they want. Being truthful, I don’t pay much attention to what people say about me but if I’m inspiring the next generation to play football, while looking however they want to look, then that would make me very proud."

Alisha Lehmann
Lehmann's collection will be available in EA Sports FC 24 / EA Sports FC

The design itself is also personal to Lehmann and again stems from a deeply personal tattoo which the 24-year-old shares with her family.

"I think everyone knows now that I have a lot of tattoos and one is a rose," she says. "The rose is very symbolic, especially the 'Red Rose'.

"My mum and sister have the same tattoo, we got them together, it symbolises us as a family, growing together, with love and happiness. Now through my Vanity Kit I can share this with the world."

While the message behind the kit is crucial, the importance of female representation on EA Sports FC 24 is not lost on Lehmann, who is keen to use her role as an ambassador for the game to continue raising the profile of women's sports.

"EA Sports FC is a huge deal in all walks of life and the professional footballers are no different," she admits. "It’s almost like Christmas Eve when a new game is being released and there are many, many WhatsApp messages sent around players when their ratings are revealed each year, believe me! So to become an ambassador for EA Sports FC, personally it’s fantastic and a huge honour.

"The exposure the league is now getting means it is much more high profile, there’s much more interest and many young players now aspire to play in the WSL. Coverage on TV is much more widespread and young kids can also play as us on EA Sports FC, which is great."

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