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Alex Morgan admits trust is 'not there yet' between NWSL and players

Lizzy Becherano
Alex Morgan with Orlando Pride teammates showing support for Mana Shim and Sinead Farrelly
Alex Morgan with Orlando Pride teammates showing support for Mana Shim and Sinead Farrelly / Jeremy Reper/ISI Photos/GettyImages

United States women’s national team forward Alex Morgan said she’s 'optimistic' as the NWSL Players Association makes progress with the league, but maintains her stance that more trust needs to be built between the two parties. 

After the revelations that several league managers abused and sexually harassed athletes, the NWSL Players Associated gathered to create a new list of demands for the league to ensure safety becomes a priority. 

The NWSLPA presented a document on October 6 requesting league personnel to voluntarily take part in the union's investigation of sexual misconduct and that there be total transparency in all other ongoing cases. 

While Morgan is not a member of the NWSLPA, she is informed constantly by the Orlando Pride's player representatives, Erin McLeod and Toni Pressle. 

"I feel optimistic with what information they've given me," Morgan said. "The demands that the NWSLPA has put forth for NWSL to commit to, and to approve, have still not been taken care of, and there has been an extension, so that in itself says that the NWSL still is being a little too reactive. I know that there's a lot of things that need to change, but we need to start building that trust, and at this point, it's just not there yet."

Among several things, the two sides agreed to have the NWSLPA representatives meet with the candidates to be the league's next commissioner to have input on the decision. 

“Today, NWSL made public their commitment that representatives of the Players Association will meet with commissioner candidates to ensure the players’ voices are heard and they play a meaningful role in the selection of the next commissioner,” the NWSLPA said in a statement.

"The Players Association has agreed to an additional seven-day good-faith extension in order to finalize a resolution of the players’ demands by the close of business on Monday, Oct. 25.”