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Alex Morgan discusses plans for biennial World Cup

Lizzy Becherano
Alex Morgan has been named to a FIFA technical advisory group
Alex Morgan has been named to a FIFA technical advisory group / Elsa/GettyImages

USWNT and Orlando Pride striker Alex Morgan backed plans for a World Cup every two years after being named to a FIFA technical advisory group on the growth and advancement of women’s soccer.

The newly developed FIFA group, headed by former USWNT manager Jill Ellis, recently discussed the pros and cons of holding the international tournament in a biennial fashion instead of the current four year schedule. 

Morgan admitted that while there is a mix of perspectives within the group, an added frequency of the World Cup could result in more coverage of women’s soccer. 

"I just don't think that's the consensus of all players, to not want this World Cup every two years," she said. "I think there was actually a lot of opinions shared in favor of the World Cup every two years on the advisory board by current and former players."

Alongside Alex Morgan, the panel includes Wendie Renard, Kristine Lilly, Karina LeBlanc, Emma Hayes, Pia Sundhage and Mark Parsons. 

While the idea remains in early stages, Morgan confirmed that the group was created for the purpose of discussion. 

"There's still a lot of discussions to be had, but I think this female advisory board was created to listen to the players. So if all players said, 'No, this is crazy. We cannot do this. This will hurt women's football globally in such a great way that we can't recover from this,' are FIFA president Gianni Infantino and FIFA going to listen? Of course.

"But that's what this advisory board is formed to do, is to have the consensus of the players that are actually going to be affected by this both positively and negatively. It's not a decision taken lightly, and it's still ongoing discussions."

Before concluding, Morgan addressed the media on the financial aspect of a biennial tournament and called for a wider investment in the women’s game as a a more recurrent tournament would require federations to find their women’s teams on a continuous basis.

"You can't have biennial World Cup without addressing the financial piece."