Aidy Boothroyd aims for individual player development at Jamshedpur FC

Boothroyd lays down plans for Jamshedpur FC in the ISL
Boothroyd lays down plans for Jamshedpur FC in the ISL / Jamshedpur FC twitter

Aidy Boothroyd has laid down his ideology for his new team Jamshedpur FC after taking over as their head coach for the upcoming Indian Super League season.

The former Watford manager has stated that he aims to improve every player individually and is not looking to make major changes to the squad.

Boothroyd replaces Owen Coyle and in a discussion with The Times of India, he reiterated his philosophy as he said, "My philosophy is to get the best out of the players that I am coaching. Make them individually better. For example, my team at Watford was not technically the best, but physically and mentally we were very strong with key players in key positions.

"I know it's not going to be easy. You should never go to a job that is very successful. To try and win after winning could be the hardest thing to do. But I am excited about the challenges here,” he said.

Jamshedpur FC are going to be active in the transfer market as they aim to refresh their squad, but Boothroyd believes that the core players, who brought them so much success last season, will remain at the club.

“You have to be prepared for change, and in football, things change very quickly. We will be refreshing the squad for success, with some new players into the fold. Not too many, because of the good work that they did last season," Boothroyd said.

The Red Miners claimed the League Winners' Shield last season and will look to go one step further and win the Indian Super League in the 2022-23 season due to begin later this year.

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