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AFC Pro Diploma Coach Educator Kim Poulsen reveals that he is impressed with the attitude of Indian coaches

Arjun Singh Devgan

AFC Pro Diploma's and head coach of the Tanzania national team, Kim Poulsen has revealed that he is very "impressed" by the attitude of Indian coaches who attended the coaching course implemented by the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

The AIFF had hosted the AFC Pro Diploma Module 1 coaching course in Chandigarh from May 10 to 19, with 18 Indian coaches attending the course in order to learn from experienced professionals with the intention of implementing those learnings in order to boost Indian football.

"I am very impressed with the attitude of these coaches from the first day. They have shown a big interest, as they want to learn, improve, interact and discuss with each other. Pro diploma is the top level of coaching pathway and the day these coaches started with their D, C license was to learn something about football and then the journey is going from simple to complex, it is going from understanding to having the ability to implement," Poulsen said as quoted by the Print.

The AFC Pro Diploma Module 1 coaching course was held after a gap of six years and Poulsen who has conducted several such courses over the years, believes that the key to being a good coach is not only about football, but also about an individual's personality.

“Coach education is an important pillar for the development of football. We have a lot of on-field sessions where they practice coaching skills and in the classroom it’s about various aspects like leadership, management, and so on. It’s also about how you represent yourself, convince people, because as a head coach at the top level, you not only have to interact with your players and staff, but also with the whole organisation. It is important for them to get a Pro diploma so they can continue the journey and go for their ambition to coach at the highest level,” he added.