Adriano sells luxury mansion & moves into hotel room...with his trophies

Tom Gott
Adriano has taken his trophies and upped sticks
Adriano has taken his trophies and upped sticks / Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

It's been a busy few days for Brazil legend Adriano.

He recently sold his £1.2m mansion in favour of living in a luxury hotel room, taking with him nothing but his many, many trophies.

The 39-year-old, who retired from playing after leaving Miami United in 2016, has done his best to keep a low profile since walking away from the game. In fact, he did such a good job of that that he was forced to come out and deny rumours that he had died shortly after his retirement.

Adriano was one of the game's top strikers / New Press/Getty Images

Well, the 99 shot power legend is back raising eyebrows again. According to Extra (via A Tribuna), Adriano has sold his luxury mansion in Rio de Janeiro for a cool £1.2m, but instead of buying a new house, he chose to drop £10,000-a-month on a shiny hotel room to live in with his family.

Clearly looking for a fresh start, Adriano did not even pack up his furniture or decorations. Instead, he only took his trophies, medals and a handful of other personal items.

As you do.

It seems like a nice lifestyle, but for Adriano, it's only a short-term option. Ole note that Adriano actually intends to buy another luxury mansion, but he was forced to abandon his plans after learning that the one he actually wanted would have set him back closer to £3m.

If you want something to make this whole story a little weirder, how about the news that Adriano's ex-fiancee, model Victoria Moreira, has been checking in to the same hotel recently. We're not saying anything.

Adriano is fondly remembered among fans as one of the most prolific strikers of his generation, which makes his relatively short career at the top level such a tragedy.

The Inter hitman was one of the most dangerous strikers in world football between 2003 and 2006, after which questions about his lifestyle and love of partying began to dominate the narrative around Adriano.

He has since admitted that he turned to alcohol to cope with the premature death of his father in 2004, after which his career slowly began to peter out.

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