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AC Milan & Inter confirm willingness to leave city in search of new stadium

Tom Gott
San Siro is in need of modernisation
San Siro is in need of modernisation / Marco Luzzani/GettyImages

AC Milan and Inter have both confirmed that they are prepared to take their teams away from the city of Milan in search of a new stadium.

The two clubs, who have shared San Siro since 1947, have approved a project to build a new, modernised stadium on the same site as their current ground, but that work is not expected to be completed until 2027 at the earliest.

That delay has caused real frustration at both clubs and prompted rumours that the entire plan could be called off - something Milan mayor Beppe Sala recently denied.

However, AC Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni has now confessed to Tutti Convocati that they would be willing to leave the city of Milan if it meant moving to a new stadium sooner.

"I expected this to be faster, especially since we're in Milan," Scaroni said. "The stadium project is for everyone, fans and non-fans. Unfortunately, we know that Italian bureaucracy often does not make things easy.

"Milan and Inter have the same vision because they have the same ambitions. A stadium is a key, if not the most important, ingredient of success. It is incredible that, in a city like Milan, we don't have a state-of-the-art stadium, as is the case in other European cities.

"What's happened is that this is no longer a project of Milan and Inter, but instead of the municipality of Milan. That's why we are looking outside Milan. We will accept the project with the shortest development times, we urgently need a new stadium."

Inter director Alessandro Antonello also shared a similar view.

"We started with a lot of enthusiasm, but unfortunately, the Italian system does not help with infrastructure and particularly not in sports," Antonello added. "We appealed to the law on stadiums but the time was prolonged.

"I am a business man, and like all other entrepreneurs, I need guarantees. We want to follow the rules but these need to be accompanied by certain deadlines because uncertainty is still difficult for investors to accept.

"The times now are really long. In three years, other countries would have found themselves with a job that is now finished.

"Would we go to another municipality? We always have alternative plans. The goal is to move to a new stadium as soon as possible. It's an option that is being evaluated and studied. When we have all the details, we will make the decision that is best for the clubs, which is having a new stadium as soon as possible."