Ben Chilwell has admitted that he didn’t get along with Leicester teammate James Maddison when they were younger.

Chilwell and Maddison have been playing together for the Foxes since 2018 when the latter signed from Norwich for £20m. However, the two teammates haven’t always got along, something which Chilwell recently admitted.

James Maddison,Ben Chilwell

Speaking to Bleacher Report, he said: “We actually proper disliked each other when I was at Leicester and he was at Coventry. He thought I was arrogant, I thought he was arrogant!

“But when we were 15 and with the England under-21s we just realised how much we get on and have similar interests.”

Chilwell was speaking about missing his Leicester teammate amid the nationwide lockdown in the UK. He added: “We're talking most days and he plays PlayStation as well. We use Zoom, but we're just not getting to see each other.”

The defender has been at Leicester since 2010, coming up through their youth system. He moved up to the first team in 2015 where he has been ever since, making 118 appearances over the last five years.

Meanwhile, Maddison arrived at the King Power Stadium in June 2018, with 73 appearances under his belt. The Leicester pair have been crucial in their success this season, as Brendan Rodgers’ side sit third in the Premier League table with nine games to play.

Brendan Rodgers,Ben Chilwell

Chilwell was also full of praise for his manager. When asked about the project under Rodgers, he said: “Since he's come in, he's brought an energy, not just to the players but to the whole club and an excitement to the whole club that the club is going in the right way.

“New training ground, things are going in the right way. It's all down to the manager.”

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