​Remember when Eric Dier jumped into the crowd to confront a Tottenham fan a while back? Yes, we can see a small flicker of recognition in your eyes. Don't worry, we had to perform a thorough check of our memory banks too. 

For anyone who does not recall, Dier leapt into the stands after Spurs were defeated on penalties to Norwich in the FA Cup fifth round - apparently in reaction to a supporter who was harassing his younger brother. 

Eric Dier

During the game itself, the defensive midfielder converted his penalty but then took exception to something he saw in the crowd while he was walking towards the dressing room.

Well over a month later, the FA have finally brought a charge of misconduct against the England international. 

"​Eric Dier has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3," a statement began.

"It is alleged that the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder’s actions at the conclusion of the Emirates FA Cup fixture against Norwich City FC on Wednesday 4 March 2020 were improper and/or threatening. Eric Dier has until Friday 8 May 2020 to provide a response."

If he admits the charge he is in line for a £20,000 fine - which could be increased to £30,000 if he denies the offence and is then found guilty. 

Eric Dier

At the time of the incident, ​Spurs boss José Mourinho admitted that he thought his player made an error of judgement. 

I don't think that belongs to the game. The game was a fantastic representation of the FA Cup, but I cannot run away from the question. I think Eric Dier did what we as professionals cannot do when someone insults you and your family is involved," Mourinho said.

"The person insulted Eric, the younger brother was not happy with the situation and Eric was not happy. We as professionals cannot do what he did." 

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