Chelsea ​have absolutely smashed it on the kit front this season; the garishly patterned home shirt, the subculture inspired away strip and the understated but stylish third jersey all get a big tick in our book. 

However, with great success comes great responsibility and there was always a niggling doubt in the back of our minds that Nike would struggle to replicate such artistry in next season's kits. 

Sadly, we've been proven right...

The Blues' third strip for 2020/21 has been leaked by ​Footy Headlines, and it's an absolute stinker. 

Remember when you were at school and someone would ask to copy your homework. You would reply: "Yes, but don't make it exactly the same." Well, it seems that a similar conversation may have taken place between ​Chelsea and Crystal Palace's kit design teams.

The Blues' alternate shirt appears to be an Eagles jersey that has had the bottom half of the stripes taken away at the last minute. Perhaps Chelsea were inspired by Palace's recent claim to be the oldest club in the world - but as that is ​complete cobblers, maybe not? 

The ensemble is finished off with red shorts and blue socks. At least that's something different from their London rivals.

Apparently, the kit is actually influenced by the colour scheme of classic Air Max trainers as well as Chelsea's 1996/1997 Umbro kit - but seeing as these things are aesthetically pleasing, they've clearly not drawn that much from them. 

The shirt also uses the exact same template as the recently leaked Paris Saint-Germain third kit. So much for the death of unoriginal shirt designs eh? 

As if this abomination was not punishment enough for Chelsea fans, they will also have to endure a tie-in casual wear range.

If there is anyone out there who thinks we're idiots and quite likes the design, it should be available for you to splash the cash on in September.

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