Liverpool Star Andy Robertson Leaves Twitter in Stitches With Hilarious Daily Reminders

Max Cooper

We may not be able to rely on football to keep us entertained during these difficult weeks, but the stars of our beautiful game are doing the best to lift the nation's spirits. 

And one man who is always on hand to provide us with some much-needed cheering up is Liverpool star Andy Robertson. The full-back is a no-nonsense presence on the pitch, but away from football he is regarded as a bit of a joker. 

And the Scottish international was at it again on Saturday, when he posted a picture of his hilarious 'daily routine' on ​Twitter, giving his followers an insight into his day-to-day life during the current lockdown. 

Robertson posted images of a list of reminders set on his phone which notified him of tasks - and treats - that he had to complete or enjoy throughout the day, and his unhealthy obsession with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Irn Bru became plain to see. 

The 26-year-old begins his day by feeding his kids, before calling ​Liverpool teammate and fellow full-back Alexander-Arnold 25 minutes later. That's not the only contact he has with his friend over the course of the day, however. 

Robertson then calls the England international a further three times, 'to check he's ok,' 'just because,' and 'to say goodnight'. Heart-warming stuff. 

The 26-year-old also admits to having a scroll through ​James 'Milly' Milner's Instagram profile, which comes as no surprise, given some of the work that the pair have produced together in the past. 

The duo have been seen on Youtube deciding ​the 'Goat' of biscuits to du​nk in a cup of tea, cracking up the camera crew and viewers with their quick wit and love of custard creams. 

The other teammate to enjoy a message from Robertson is defensive leader Virgil van Dijk, who the Scotsman texts to tell him that he misses the Dutch powerhouse. It's all good fun, isn't it?