​No-one should go to a football match and never return home. 

On 15 April 1989, thousands of excited Liverpool and Nottingham Forest supporters travelled to Sheffield, with the two teams set to play out an FA Cup semi-final at Sheffield Wednesday's home, Hillsborough. 

Unfortunately, that day will always be remembered as the worst disaster in British sporting history. Overcrowding in the stands led to the death of 96 men, women and children, who had simply gone along to cheer on their heroes.  

The decades that followed were full of false reports, slander and accusations towards grieving Liverpool supporters, who were wrongly blamed for the incident that occurred. 

A campaign subsequently began which aimed to overturn the court's decision that the tragedy was nothing more than an 'accident' and the families are still fighting to gain justice against those in charge for the 96 lost supporters. 

So today, and on this day every year, the world remembers the heartbreaking loss of 96 lives at a spectacle which should have been a celebration of our beautiful game. But as always, in its darkest moments, football finds a way to unite and bring strength and hope to those who need it the most. 

90min takes a look at some of the wonderful responses that have been posted on Twitter to commemorate the lives lost in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. 

​Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp delivered a heartfelt message to the families and those affected by the Hillsborough disaster, stressing that they are all in his thoughts on his difficult day, even if they cannot gather to remember the victims together. 

"Today is the most significant day for our football club each year. The plan was that we would be together at Anfield today, but this is not possible.

"The only thing we can make sure is that we are in each other's thoughts. And believe me, you are in our thoughts. You have our thoughts, you have our prayers, and most of all, you have our love.

"You'll never walk alone." 

​The Anfield Wrap also paid their respects to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, posting a touching video which reflected on the 96 lives lost on that tragic day in Sheffield. 

​​And as mentioned, when times are hard, the entire football community unites and stands together against pain and injustice. 

​Manchester United were one of many teams to express their condolences and remember the 96 fallen Liverpool supporters, and their words were echoed universally. 

Neighbours ​Everton have always stood by Liverpool's side regarding the Hillsborough disaster, and the city comes together every year to remember the residents of Liverpool and those further afield whose lives were taken far too soon. 

And Everton supporters' podcast ​The Blue Room posted a wonderful video, demonstrating one of the many occasions that Red and Blue have put all differences aside and joined hands in remembering the 96. 

​Nottingham Forest also paid their respects, as many of their own fans will have been deeply affected by the tragedy which unfolded before them on that day. 

Liverpool's Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby Ian Byrne also tweeted his own commemorative message, offering his love and thoughts to those whose lives have been touched by this incident. 

Moving images were shared throughout social media, as ex-players, clubs and supporters of all stripes posted tributes to the 96.








Let us hope that the families find justice and peace.