​Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has confessed that Liverpool deserve to be crowned Premier League champions this season, regardless of whether the campaign actually resumes or not.

Jürgen Klopp's side were just two wins away from sealing the title before the season was postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak. While the plan is to return at some point and allow Liverpool to numerically confirm their success, there have also been suggestions that the season should be voided completely, with no winners and no losers.


During an Instagram Q&A with Bleacher Report (via ​Goal), ​Silva insisted it would be wrong to deny ​Liverpool the title as have undoubtedly been the best side in the country.

“I think it's a very sad situation,” he said. “And probably now even if they win it, they won't get to enjoy it as much as they should and as they deserve to because they won't be able to celebrate with their fans.

“They won't be able to play with a crowd - it will be tough to play in the next... I think two or three months, with a crowd. But yes, definitely they deserve this title.”

Silva's comments followed a similar sentiment from teammate İlkay Gündoğan, who previously admitted that it ​would not be fair from a sporting perspective if Liverpool were denied what would so clearly have been their title.

Bernardo Silva,Georgina Wijnaldum

​City are seemingly trying to come across as good losers in this respect, but Silva seemed a little bitter when asked about personal achievements, suggesting that their may be a bias in favour of Liverpool.

“Three seasons ago, we won the league, [Liverpool] were 30 points behind and ​Kevin De Bruyne had an unbelievable season," he began. "​Mo Salah scores a lot of goals - he's a great player, I admire him a lot, I'm not saying otherwise - but they gave the award to Salah and not De Bruyne.

“The season after, it's very tight. ​Raheem Sterling was on the run with Van Dijk. [It was] very tight but they gave it to Van Dijk.

“This [campaign], again, De Bruyne is having another unbelievable season. We're behind... But because Liverpool are champions, probably one of them will win the award again.

​David Silva​Kun Agüero never won the PFA Player of the Year. I think the individual awards are very relative and it's important, but it's not that important. People should stop thinking about that too much in my opinion.

“I don't want this to be polemic. I talked about Liverpool players, but I admire their team, I admire their players – it's nothing to do with them, it's just a small example.”

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