El Clásico de Clásicos is part of 90min's 50 Biggest Derbies in the World Series

Chivas Guadalajara and Club America. There's a reason this match is often dubbed 'El Clásico de Clásicos'. The Classic of Classics. The colours. The Passion. The beautiful strips. The derby to end all derbies. 

Chivas and Club America are the two most successful teams in Mexico, and they are always competing for a league title or a major trophy. But one objective looms larger and more significant than any other - getting one over their most hated adversaries.

Club America v Chivas de Guadalajara

We all know that feeling, in one way or another. The pride of winning the local battle, or coming out on top in a history-made rivalry can define a season. Walking into work, knowing you can hold you head higher than everyone else -that's what a derby is all about. 

But in El Súper Clásico, that pent up release is amplified to its climactic maximum. Every year, a whole country tunes in to watch the nation's heavyweights land the latest blow in a series of galactic clashes. 

The hatred between factions was not born purely out of success however, but from a polarising culture-clash. 

Chivas is a club of the people. Based in Guadalajara, Chivas is a proud club, whose success and history is deeply embedded in that of its nation. The Striped Goats have a strict team selection policy, only employing players of Mexican heritage, and drawing from the country's rich pool of exciting young players to enrich their squad. 

​They are plucky underdogs whose principals have led them and their supporters as one, to the top of Mexican football.

Club America v Chivas de Guadalajara

And then, we have Club America - or Los Millonetas, as they've come to be known. A capital club, America benefits from residing in Mexico City, and its pulling power allows them to attract some of the best South American footballers in the business. 

Their lavish spending power has brought them plenty of victories along the way - but they've racked up their fair share of enemies, too. 

The people's club versus the club owned by a television media outlet. Poor versus rich. Tradition versus modern football. 

No shocks then, that this is the biggest game in Mexican football. 

The two teams are the only clubs never to be relegated from the top flight of Mexico's Liga Mex, adding to the derby steeped in history and fortune. But although they are two teams with completing opposing ethos', ideas and histories, they do share one commonality. 

They are both winners. 

And nothing quite adds to a rivalry like success. Chivas, despite recruiting solely within Mexico, have accrued 12 league titles. Impressive stuff.

And Club America? Well, they've won 13. Of course they have.


A bitterness was born within the first two meetings of the sides in 1943, after Chivas edged the initial game 1-0, only to then be hammered 7-2 by Club America later in the year. From that moment, their paths would fork off in very different directions, but they would continue to cross over the years. 

But the rivalry softened in the coming decades, as Club America struggled to compete at the top end of the table on a regular basis, and Chivas dominated the 1960's, picking up five titles over the course of a decade. 

But this underlying hatred continued to bubble away under the surface.

It's one thing beating your old foe whilst they're down on their knees, but dealing fatal blows while you're both at your peak? Now that is what a derby is all about. 

And eventually, after all that bubbling and simmering, Mexico exploded. 

Chivas and Club America met in 1983, facing off in the second leg of a semi-final tie. The ultimate opportunity to inflict humiliation and heartbreak upon their opponents. Chivas ended up winning the match 3-0, but the occasion was marred by a brawl so ferocious, that the referee simply walked off the pitch, unable to control the aggravated enemies. 

Three years down the line from those terrible scenes, the two sides were at it again. Tempers flared to such an extent that the referee sent off all 22 players, and the game was abandoned. This one is not for the faint-hearted. 

But every now and again, they do actually play out a full 90 minutes. And it always makes for pulsating viewing. 

The rivalry has carried to the modern day, and fuel was thrown on an ever-burning fire in 2016, when Club America were celebrating their centenary year. It looked set to be a year of celebration for the Capital city club, but the champagne remained on ice, when Chivas rocked up and cancelled the party. 

The Goats defeated America 3-0 in the normal season, but the Eagles then knocked their rivals out of the Clausura and Apertura at the quarter-final stage. The two enemies met seven times that season. Box office viewing. 

These memorable circumstances have created a derby that continues to grow, take many twists and turns, and create history along the way. And it's showing no signs of stopping. 

¡Long live El Clásico de Clásicos!