Revealed! The 10 Most Valuable Retro Club Shirts In The World


In the last few years football and fashion have intertwined to a point where high-end fashion chains are now producing their own shirts in order stay cool, with varying degrees of success; we're looking at you Balenciaga. 

Old and bold football kits are now being seen as iconic statement pieces that capture moments in political, cultural and football history. Just like your mum's old jacket now being considered a vintage masterpiece, your dad's old football shirts are now akin to a classic Vivienne Westwood collection – just with more unnecessary zig-zags.

So why has this happened? Nostalgia certainly plays a part, as do the bold designs that we are starting to see creep back into modern kits. Nobody knows for sure, but for jersey fans these have become valuable collector’s items and they don't come cheap. That same childhood Chelsea kit that you used to rock to the park could be worth a pretty penny now; it might be time to rummage through a few old boxes

In collaboration with Classic Football Shirts, Casumo have revealed the most valuable shirts from club football and we're here to share the results. Let's jump in, shall we?

=9. Juventus 1997-98 away shirt worth £299.99.
A centenary kit that wouldn't look out of place at a Tyler the Creator gig – notable for the pink colourway which takes influence from Juventus F.C.’s first jerseys. This shirt represents iconic Kappa design for the Italian giants. Molto bene.

=9. Dortmund 1996-97 home shirt worth £299.99.
This incredibly rare Champions League home shirt was worn as Dortmund - Paul Lambert specifically - defeated Juventus in the 1997 UEFA Champions League Final. The Dortmund/Nike partnership is seen as one of the highlights of 1990s design. Sidenote: you can get a match worn Lambert shirt on Classic Football Shirts for £999.99 - bargain.

=7. Liverpool 1989-91 home shirt worth £349.99.
An absolute classic adidas design that has stood the test of time and lives in Liverpool folklore, why? Well, it was donned last time the Reds lifted the League title. A beautiful kit and an incredibly talented team. Sometimes the stars really align, and sometimes a worldwide pandemic strikes. Sorry, Liverpool fans.

=7. Chelsea 1986-87 home shirt worth £349.99.
Chelsea chairman Ken Bates decided back in 1986 that the club should produce their own home shirt as a cost-cutting exercise. The outcome turned out to be this one season design which, rather unsurprisingly, was extremely prone to wear and damage. The moral being that you shouldn't make your own kit, or you should if you want to create one that disintegrates making it incredibly rare; it’s nearly impossible to find one as a result. We see you, Mike Ashley. Don't even think about it.

=5. Inter 1997-98 third shirt worth £374.99.
If your brain doesn't instantly picture Ronaldo in his pomp twining Italian centre-backs when you see this kit, then, unfortunately your an enemy of football; or potentially a child. Either way the iconic third shirt was worn as Inter triumphed in the UEFA Cup. This design was only worn in European competitions and is incredibly popular amongst collectors worldwide, both for the design and rarity. If you don't remember Ronaldo from this season, do yourself a favour and get on YouTube - utterly unstoppable.

=5. Arsenal 1991-93 away shirt worth £374.99.
Ian Wright in a bruised banana kit, it was already over before it started. The now iconic kit symbolises the bold designs from the early 90s. This shirt is extremely rare and increasingly sought after since adidas reignited the design this season; a true collectors item.

4. A.C. Milan 1999-00 home shirt worth £399.99.
Think Maldini, think Gattuso, think Shevchenko, think a disappointing domestic and European campaign. 1999/2000 might not have been particularly prosperous for Zaccheroni's Milan side, but on the bright side they looked great. The shirt marked Milan’s centenary season, featured a special club crest and has become increasingly rare over the years.

3. Manchester United 1986-88 third shirt worth £449.99.
To say third kits from this era are a rare commodity would be an understatement. In 1986 a young-ish Sir Alex Ferguson took his first season at the helm of the club. That ,coupled with a classic adidas design, makes this one of the most valuable Manchester United shirts around. Time to check in your parents' loft, lads. You could be sitting on a cool £450.

2. Napoli's 1990-91 home shirt worth £499.99.
This is the kit that followed the Partonopei’s last league victory. Maradona was at the peak of his abilities but it also turned out to be his last season with the Italian giants. An end of an era kit that'll have Serie A fans going weak at the knees. Don't even get us started on the Mars x NR logo - this kit is perfect in style and history. Well worth the *checks notes* FIVE HUNDRED ENGLISH POUNDS.

1. Barcelona's 1991-92 away shirt worth £599.99.
The early 90s were one of the most dominant periods in Barcelona history. With Johan Cruyff at the helm the team won their first ever European trophy as well as four consecutive La Liga titles whilst playing some of the most attractive football the world had ever seen. Cruyff's impact on football and Barcelona and the legacy he left behind can't be underplayed, and this shirt - and the price - are a reflection of that.

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