UEFA have confirmed that they have invited all 55 of their member associations to a video conference to keep everyone updated on plans to resume the season and any other issues that the coronavirus crisis has caused.

Almost every league across Europe has been suspended, with some refusing to give a return date ​and instead waiting for government advice, so there are huge questions over how the current season will be finished.

At the minute, no concrete decisions have been had, but UEFA took to their ​official website to confirm that everything will be discussed on a video conference on Wednesday 1 April.

The main topic will be how the leagues are going to restart. Obviously, it's tough to come up with a plan without a return date, but there have been numerous suggestions of potential plans to proceed with.

The idea of seeing the season run over the summer has been suggested, and the cancellation of Euro 2020 has made that a viable option, but it is thought that the preferred outcome would be to get the current season finished on time.


Mini-tournaments and daily games have also been suggested, and it now appears as though UEFA want to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Alongside the manner in which the season will continue, there are a few logistical issues to tackle, such as the dates of the summer transfer window and player contracts.

If the season runs past 30 June, some players will technically be out of contract and may not actually finish the season with their teams, while any pre-agreed transfers which are set to come into effect on 1 July, such as Hakim Ziyech's move to ​Chelsea, might happen before the season actually comes to a close.


Such a late finish would also impact the dates of the transfer window, which is supposed to start on 18 May and end on 1 September. 

There has been talk of delaying the window and instead extending it towards the winter, and things should hopefully be a little clearer once this meeting is concluded.

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