​Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has called for the Premier League season to be scrapped if they cannot finish the season before the end of June.

The current standpoint is that league officials will try and get things going again on 30 April, although that return date is widely expected to be pushed back amid fears that the coronavirus outbreak will not improve.

Harry Kane

Speaking to Jamie Redknapp on Instagram Live (via the ​Daily Mail), ​Kane admitted that the ​Premier League must do what they can to get the season finished, but they have to know when to accept defeat.

"There needs to be a point where enough is enough and we say, 'Look, we cannot finish it'," he said. 

"Obviously I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and what it means financially for certain clubs. But from a player’s point of view, by all means we need to try to finish it as much as possible but there needs to be a limit.

"The limit for me is the end of June. Otherwise I feel it would have such a knock-on effect for next year and the Euros and the World Cup in 2022."

Kane's thoughts echo those of UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin, who told La Repubblica (via ​BBC Sport) that the season will likely be 'lost' if officials cannot find a way to get things going again.

"If we don't succeed in restarting, the season will probably be lost," he said.  "There is a plan A, B and CThe three options are to start again in mid-May, in June or at the end of June.

"There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next [season], starting the following one later. We will see the best solution for leagues and clubs."


A recent suggestion on how to restart the season came from ​The Independent, who note that officials have discussed the idea of keeping leagues in isolated camps and thrashing out the remaining games in a World Cup-style format.

Until more is known about the coronavirus pandemic, no formal decision will be made on the current season, but there seems to be thousands of potential ideas under consideration if the government gives the all-clear.

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