We may well be living through one of the most complicated and uncertain times in football history. 

With all of Europe's main leagues grinding to a halt due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are many theories doing the rounds on how we should all proceed. 

Plenty of football fans (mainly Manchester United and Everton supporters) can see no possible scenario where the campaign can be finished fairly, whereas others (all Liverpool and Leeds United supporters) feel the season must be completed. 

One thing is for sure though - keeping everyone happy appears to be an impossible task. 

Gary Neville

But one man who believes he has the answer is ex-Man Utd star Gary Neville. And unbelievably, he thinks we should not deem the campaign null and void. The 45-year-old delivered a five-point plan via ​Twitter on Saturday morning, outlining the steps that should be taken to complete the season, and any measures that must be followed to help out clubs in need. 

Neville's plan went as follows:

-Finish this season in a short time frame when safe.

-Condense next season if needed.

-Open transfer window from May and run it all the way through 20/21 to give clubs agility. 

-Extend player contracts to complete 19/20.

-Financial packages for clubs in need inc non-league.

Not too bad, actually. The former Red Devil emphasised that finishing the current season is more important than scrapping it in time to begin the following one, while also allowing teams an extended transfer window to cope with the demands of a potentially condensed 2020/21 campaign. 

One of the main topics of discussion is that of players' contracts, and what will happen to those whose deals expire on June 30, should the campaign be extended beyond that date. 

Well, Neville believes that all players should extend their contracts for as long as it takes to complete the season, ending any concerns over clubs losing key players for the final few fixtures. 

Neville's ideas also focus on providing struggling clubs - including non-league sides - with financial aid, as many teams are finding it impossible to survive without their usual match-day revenues, whilst continuing to pay their staff. 

A rather refreshing - and surprisingly unbiased - set of ideas from the ​Man Utd man. 

And Neville was prepared to defend his plan, as television presenter Piers Morgan challenged his determination to finish the current season. The ex-England international retorted that 'no one is expending energy on saving a football season', while the 'NHS is the priority'. 

Gary Neville

“Piers it will work and is likely to happen when and only when it is safe to do so," Neville replied. "No one is expending energy on saving a football season. 

"Staying home, staying safe, helping the vulnerable and NHS is the priority. However planning ( including football ) beyond CV is vital also for 99% of the population that require income and employment in future.”