​Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has urged fans to follow government guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak if they want to speed up football's return.

The Premier League has been postponed until 30 April because of the pandemic, but many have described that target as unrealistic. Another suggestion is to void the season completely, meaning Liverpool's wait for a league title would go on.

Speaking to the club's ​official website, Klopp insisted that football needs to take a backseat to everything going on in the world, but he urged fans to do their part if they want to see the action return as soon as possible.

“We said it now often enough, and I think everybody knows, football is not the most important thing in the world,” Klopp said. “100% not.

“In this moment it’s clear what is. But the only way to get football back as soon as possible, if that’s what the people want, the more disciplined we are now the earlier we will get, piece by piece by piece, our life back.

“That’s how it is. There is no other solution in the moment, nobody has another solution. We have to be disciplined by ourselves, we have to keep the distance to other people. We can still do some things, not a lot, but we have to just calm down a little bit with things.

“Yes, outside the economy has to carry on, that will start again. But the lower the number will be when we go out again, the number of people infected, that’s what I understand, the better it is.

“It will not be like nobody anymore after the next few weeks but the curve will flatten, that’s the most important thing. We have to give our people in the hospitals, our doctors, the chance to treat the people with serious issues with full concentration."

The ​Liverpool boss also added that he was moved to tears by some of the tributes to the NHS staff who have been working tirelessly to try and manage the pandemic.

“I think yesterday I was sent a video of people in the hospital, just outside the intensive care area, and when they started singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, I started crying immediately,” he said.

“It’s unbelievable. But it shows everything, these people not only work, but they have such a good spirit. They are used to helping other people, we need to get used to it because usually we have our own problems and stuff.

“But it’s their job, they do it day in and day out. They put themselves, if you want, in danger because they help ill, sick and seriously handicapped people, so I couldn’t admire them more and appreciate it more, I really couldn’t.”

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