Last updated: 22/04/2020

​There is still plenty of the 2019/20 season left to play, although when it will be played depends entirely on how effective the UK coronavirus lockdown is at getting the spread under control.

But plenty of attention is already on next season as well, especially when this is the time of year that often sees the leaking of new shirt go into overdrive.

Here's a look at every leaked Premier League jersey for 2020/21 so far...


Arsenal will move away from a solid red next season and go to a slightly darker pattern.

Based on that pattern and colour, here is one concept of what the full shirt could look like.

The Gunners’ away kit is expected to use colours similar to those worn in 2008/09.

The Arsenal third kit is expected to be mainly dark navy, with light orange trim and detail.


Chelsea are changing shirt sponsor to mobile network 3 next season. There have been no real leaks regarding the home kit, but a light blue away shirt is coming.

Chelsea’s expected third kit promises to be a very different kind of look, with dark blue stripes fading into a pinkish/red base colour. It looks rather ‘Crystal Palace’.


Everton are rumoured be switching to Hummel kits next season. Only speculative concept designs for what the cult Danish supplier could produce exist in public as of yet.


Leicester are another club for whom there are only concept designs, but that will not stop you enjoying them because all six of the following possibilities look excellent.


Liverpool are moving from New Balance to Nike for next season, a huge deal for the Reds which actually had to go through court before it could be announced.

Teal will return after a long absence as a tertiary colour to the red home shirt, with this leak what the final design is expected to look like.

The away kit will incorporate a bold graphic in the design.

As with the home shirt, there is known colour information.

One of the new Liverpool goalkeeper kits by Nike will be yellow.

Manchester City

Puma have brought a Manchester-inspired mosaic design to Manchester City’s home shirt. Little is known about next season’s away kit, other than it be will dark, while City’s off-white third kit is expected to incorporate a blue Paisley floral pattern.

Manchester United

The first image below is the ‘paintbrush’ stripe pattern adidas are expected to use for Manchester United’s 2020/21 home shirt, followed by the full shirt.


​​United’s away kit could draw on a completely different colour scheme than fans are used to.

The third shirt is expected to be a very vibrant ‘dazzle camo’ design.

Although the design concept above looks far better than the rumoured reality below...


Blue sleeves and yellow trim look set to return to Spurs’ home kit next season. And this appears to be a physical prototype rather than just a design image.

Yellow has been a Spurs change colour in the past and will be the primary third colour, with a green away kit and a grey fourth kit - because fourth kits are a thing now.

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