Ole Gunnar Solskjaer showed off his detective skills by identifying Manchester United players based on their baby photos in a heartwarming ​UEFA video - with pretty remarkable accuracy.

It kicks off with Anthony Martial in a Lyon kit, who does not appear to have aged a day​, and Solskjaer guesses with ease.

Next up is David de Gea, who is quite frankly adorable. He's got a near identical smile to the one that he flashes now, making him instantly recognisable. 

David de Gea

"Maybe he's a little bit broader on the shoulders now," Solskjaer adds.

​Harry Maguire is a little bit younger than Martial and De Gea in his photo, but is sporting his trademark grimace which means you can just about make him out. 

Maguire is also wearing a stunning bucket hat, allowing the viewer to decide if he's on a family holiday or off to a rave.

The pictures get trickier, but there's no let up from Solskjaer, who pieces clues together like the Norwegian Miss Marple.


The photo of a young Jesse Lingard is far from obvious, but he's wearing a ​Manchester United shirt and his manager puts two and two together to guess correctly.

Solskjaer looks pretty stumped by the next photo.

After much deliberation, he plumps for Juan Mata, and he's spot on, much to the surprise of the presenter and camera crew.

Things get slightly easier for the United boss with a photo of a young ​Marcus Rashford, who has a mischievous grin painted across his face and looks pretty similar to the Rashford of today.

"He's got a glint in his eye always, Marcus," Solskjaer adds.

Young ​Paul Pogba doesn't look best pleased in his picture, but unsurprisingly, eagle-eyed Solskjaer susses him out straight away.

"He was a bit older when I first saw him," the United manager joked. "He was 16 when I first saw him, but you can't go wrong."

Finally, it's the man himself. Solskjaer is pictured in black and white, leaning up against a goal post an holding up nine fingers on his hand, having scored nine goals in a football tournament.

"I can't score anymore now, my legs are gone completely," he added. "Great hairdo!"