Football matches are always exciting occasions, but there are some games which take things to a whole new level.​

Whether it's local rivalries or just two heavyweights coming face to face, some games bring the kind of atmosphere which needs to be seen to be believed. Teams battle on the field and supporters fight to prove their superiority, and it always make for some memorable moments.

Here are seven epic battles which every fan should experience at least once in their lives.

El Clásico - Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Lionel Messi,Toni Kroos

Perhaps the most high-profile match in the world, it's always special ​when ​Real Madrid come face to face with ​Barcelona.

It's a battle for supremacy in Spain, and that atmosphere can be felt everywhere. The players are rarely afraid to put their bodies on the line in search of victory, with crunching tackles almost a requirement, but the fans are just as passionate. Supporters are singing, dancing and waving flags throughout, willing their team to victory. 

This match often goes a long way to deciding who will win the ​La Liga title, which only adds to the amazing atmosphere.

Superclásico - Boca Juniors vs River Plate

Ignacio Fernandez,Emmanuel Mas

Boca Juniors and River Plate might not have the biggest fan bases ​outside of Argentina, but supporters in South America go crazy for the Superclásico. 

As Argentina's two most dominant sides, Boca and River leave it all on the field each and every time they meet, but what makes this occasion so memorable is the fans. Before, during and after the game, you'll see banners, flags and fireworks, in what often looks more like a party than a game of football. They even hold concerts to celebrate victories!

They're two of the most passionate fan bases you're likely to find, and if you get the opportunity to experience it for yourself, you should not turn it down.

Fla-Flu - Flamengo vs Fluminense

Wellington Nem,Rodinei

Sticking in South America, head north and you'll find what is known as Fla-Flu - the meeting between Brazilian rivals Flamengo and Fluminense. 

The two sides have played out some of the most memorable games in Brazil's rich history, with the 1995 Campeonato Carioca finale an obvious example. There was a firework display for the 120,000+ fans, who were partying despite the torrential rain.

A meeting between the two sides in 1963 set a record for the highest attendance in club football history, with 194,603 fans flocking to the Maracanã Stadium to take in the game, and that should be all you need to know.​ It's huge.

De Klassieker - Ajax vs Feyenoord

Quincy Promes

Historically, Amsterdam and Rotterdam have never seen eye to eye. Inhabitants of both cities always want to be seen as superior, so the meeting between their respective teams, Ajax and Feyenoord, is always a feisty affair.

Since the dramatic first meeting between the two sides in 1921, De Klassieker has never disappointed. There are usually plenty of goals, with the two sides regularly combining for five goals and occasionally surpassing ten.

The players know that a 1-0 win does not prove dominance. They want to dismantle their opponents, which makes for some outrageously exciting games.

O Clássico - Benfica vs Porto

Kepler Lima 'Pepe',Rafa Silva

What makes O Clássico so exciting is that it's nearly impossible to predict a winner. Porto may have the slight edge over rivals Benfica in the statistics, but it's so close that it counts for nothing. These are two great sides who just want to win at all costs.

However, the on-field excitement is only half of the fun. In the stands, fans spend the entire 90 minutes trying to out-sing each other, because every second of the match is about trying to prove your dominance.

It's a game which has faced accusations of bribes, police investigations and even the use of witch doctors (honest), which is all part of one of the most enthralling stories in world football.​

Uruguayan Clásico - Nacional vs Peñarol


The world's oldest derby outside the British Isles, the Uruguayan Clásico between Nacional and Peñarol is about so much more than football.

Dating as far back as 1899, the battle for supremacy in Montevideo is actually credited with football's surge in popularity in Uruguay. The nation didn't really care until these two sides started battling, but the Clásico is just that powerful that fans were drawn in.

Whenever the two teams meet, Uruguay comes to a halt. The entire country wants to see who comes out on top, which is why this is one of the best experiences on the entire planet.

Derby d'Italia - Inter vs Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo,Antonio Candreva

The fact that this match is known as Italy's biggest derby, despite the fact that ​Inter and ​Juventus aren't even in the same city, speaks volumes of just how big this game is.

This game was huge even before the Calciopoli scandal, which saw the ​Serie A title stripped from Juventus and awarded to Inter, but it has moved to a whole new level ever since. The Derby d'Italia means everything to everyone involved.

With Antonio Conte's side challenging Juventus at the top of the table once more this season, things have cranked up even further. It's a battle for Italian supremacy between two of the world's most talented sides, which is a recipe for excitement.

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