I was driving through the safari park when my sat nav said 'bear left'.​ It was clearly a Manchester United supporter in their new shirt

At this time of year, we're normally enjoying the pulsating run-ins to our domestic leagues, and keeping an eye on the upcoming international tournaments that the summer holds. 

But one thing that we always have time for, is prototype football shirts. Except for this particular leaked model which has been doing the rounds on social media - to the horror of 90min's very own ​Scott Saunders

​​That's right people, avert your gaze. Much like a leopard - whatever you do - don't look it directly in the eye. This monstrosity is believed to be Man Utd's third kit for the 2020/21 campaign. This. 

​Footy Headlines released images of the psychedelic, camouflage zebra kit which the Red Devils are expected to don next season, and dear me, it is not one for the faint-hearted. The shirt is predominantly black and white (obviously), with a zebra-skin pattern, although it is patched together like a cubist Pablo Picasso painting. And that's not a compliment on this occasion. 

The adidas kit will still sport a hint of red, as the collar and sleeves will be lined with Man Utd's famous colour, as well as the two badges on the chest. The badges do get lost among the hypnotic spirals and black and white lines however, and the Chevrolet sign is disappearing into its zebra background. 

Probably for the best, given no company would ever want to be associated with a shirt like that. 

Is it a possible ploy to help improve ​the Red Devils' form on the pitch? Some fans seem to think so. 

But one main question springs to mind when only glancing at the extravagant number. What on earth were they thinking? 

Perhaps the designer had stared an ink-blot test before putting together this catastrophe of a football shirt. They probably need more than their eyes testing, in any case... 

Even Hector Bellerin wouldn't wear that, and he wears anything.