​Look, no-one likes to see one of the game's greatest ever entertainers spending a landmark birthday behind bars. 

But if anyone can spend six months in detention in a Paraguayan prison and come out unscathed with his reputation intact, then it's Ronaldinho. 

The man personifies the term 'water off a duck's back'. That was indicated when the first images emerged of him ​smiling away to himself behind bars two weeks ago, and it's come to the fore once again - as another image has emerged on social media of his cheesing grin.

The picture, credited to Argentina-based journalist ​Raphael Sibilla, shows him looking particularly pleased to himself to have polished off his plate, which came courtesy of an absolutely massive barbecue organised for him by his fellow inmates. 

He's a popular guy in football, and it seems that hasn't changed behind bars. Although his talents on the pitch seem to have helped; just last week he won his prison team a 16kg piglet when he ​racked up five goals and six assists in an 11-2 victory. It's unconfirmed, but that may well have been the source of the monumental skewer of meat you see before you. 

The former PSG, Barcelona and Milan star was ​arrested earlier this month, and is facing up to ​six months in jail while Paraguayan authorities investigate allegations that he attempted to enter the country with a falsified passport. 

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto may well have the book thrown at them in the months to come, but their lawyer Sergio Queiroz claims 'no harm has been done' by their alleged actions.

"They confessed that they used these false passports, but there was no harm done to the Paraguayan state," he said. "Roberto and Ronaldinho did not know that the passports were irregular. And they cooperated fully with authorities."