Have you ever watched an advert and thought, 'You know what? That was really entertaining?'

Not often, I bet. But one thing football really has nailed over the years, is the packaging of our beautiful game. And thanks to the co-operation of some of the sport's most celebrated stars, we have been treated to some fantastic commercials. 

But which is the best? I know what you're thinking: 'Good lord, that sounds like an impossible task to pull off!'

Well, luckily for you, we at 90min are brave enough to have a crack at these things. 

Have a nosey down below and see what you think.

10) Peter Kay 'Ave it', John Smiths (2002) 

Simple. Effective. And hilarious. Although it lacks in real skill, it more than makes up for it in comedic delivery. 

A few lads are doing some keepy-ups in the park, and it's going pretty well. Then along comes Peter Kay, who with a deft swing of his boot, thwacks the ball into next week. 

"Ave it!" he shouts in triumph. An iconic moment, and one which would be replicated at kids' training sessions for years to come. 

Have a laugh at it ​here.

9) The Juventus Fan, Pepsi (2001)

After being substituted, David Beckham heads down the tunnel in frustration, where he meets a young lad standing alone. Showing no respect for his own personal hygiene, ​Becks asks for a sip of the boy's Pepsi, before pretty much guzzling the entire can. 

The child finally plucks up the courage to ask the Man Utd star for his shirt, and being the gracious chap he is, he obliges. With a cheeky grin, the boy then uses the shirt to wipe the can lid, and hands it back to our perplexed protagonist. Of course, he's a ​Juventus fan. Comedy gold right ​here

8) Euro 2004, BBC (2004) 

Real Madrid's captain Raul Gonzalez give

Now this is majestic. The BBC created a real work of art with this trailer, depicting the likes of Luis Figo, Raúl, Michael Ballack and Beckham in the style of famous artists of the past. Seeing Raúl in Picasso form is really something. It's graceful, it's awe-inspiring, it's simply breathtaking. Bravo, BBC. 

'The beautiful game, by the greatest artists in Europe.' Shivers. Watch it ​here

7) El Niño x Liverpool, Nike (2007) 

Liverpool's Spanish forward Fernando Tor

There is something so beautiful and inspiring about this one. The impact a player can have on a city, and a bond that can be created between star and club could not have been demonstrated more aptly. 

The advert takes us around the city of ​Liverpool, which has been taken over by Fernando Torres fever. But much more than that, it shows a city embracing another way of life and teaching its current inhabitants of other cultures. Paella dishes being sold in the street, tapas at the fish and chip shops, and jam-packed Spanish lessons - it just puts a smile on your face. 

We'll pretend he didn't jump ship to Chelsea, for the sake of the romance we're building. Check it out ​here.

6) Ronaldinho Crossbar Challenge, Nike (2005)

One of the first videos to take over Youtube, I reckon. Ronaldinho is sat on the turf, when he is handed a beautiful pair of gold and white boots. The Brazil star laces them up, before setting off on a little keepy-up tour of the edge of the penalty area.

From nowhere, Ronaldinho explodes into life, hammering four consecutive shots off the crossbar, which all bounce back to him inch perfectly. He then proceeds to wander back to his original resting point. 

Real? Fake? Who cares? It's genius. Witness it in all its glory above.

5) Man United v Real Western, Pepsi (2007)

(L-R)David Beckham, Luis Figo and Iker Casillas of Real Madrid

Beckham's best acting role? And yes, that does include his performance in 'Bend it Like Beckham'. ​Manchester United's superstar leads his fellow Red Devils into a bar, in a dusty old western own. 

Dressed in what is supposed to be some menacing attire, the number seven orders a drink, but his beverage is intercepted by an equally-embarrassingly clothed Iker Casillas. Much like in the above photo.

Never have the words 'Pepsi', and 'outside' ever sounded so intimidating as they did upon leaving Beckham's mouth. There, he participates in a Mexican standoff between himself and the ​Real Madrid goalkeeper, and sneakily signals for a nearby horse to strike the winning blow. 

But with any good story, it leaves you wanting more. Out of the barbershop steps Roberto Carlos, and with a threatening 'Ey, gringo!' we realise the battle is not yet over... 

Check it out. 

4) The Mission, Nike (2000)

Dutch Eredivisie"Ajax v PSV"

This is a masterpiece. An illustrious group of stars - including Edgar Davids, Francesco Totti, Luis Figo and Lillian Thuram - are sitting in the back of ​van, preparing a heist. In the front is their leader, Louis van Gaal. He explains they must steal a football, as it is 'rounder'. Sound logic.

The team get to work, scaling a building with their fancy skills, and they sneakily retrieve the ball - only to be faced by hundreds of protectors. The squad use their pinpoint long-range passing and cheeky nutmeg skills to escape, and the building subsequently explodes. 

Extravagant and unnecessary? Possibly. Cool? Definitely. ​Here it is just for you.

3) Old Lions, Carlsberg (2006)

I'm personally a huge fan of this one. The ad starts with Peter Shilton preparing to face the day, and Peter Reid looking miserably into his coffee cup. A team of old England stars ​- including some of the 1966 World Cup winners, meet up and don the white of the Three Lions once again, while the legendary Sir Bobby Robson leads from the touchline. 

Unsurprisingly, they take apart their Sunday league opponents, and they all go for a celebratory drink at the end. An awful beer, but a brilliant advert. Happy days. Enjoy it ​here

2) Brazil Airport, Nike (1998) 


Yep, Nike are beginning to dominate this list. The Brazil 1998 World Cup squad is hanging around at an airport, and given that their flight has been delayed, they all look a little fed up. Enter Ronaldo, who unzips his bag and pulls out a Joga Bonito ball. 

The next minute or so takes us on a journey with Romario, Carlos, Juninho and Denilson, as they dodge security guards and fellow passengers with their neat footwork and fancy tricks.

And of course, Eric Cantona makes an appearance, reading a newspaper on a nearby plane. Have a gander ​here

1) The Secret Tournament, Nike (2002)

French forward Thierry Henry(L) hides th

I mean, it's got everything you'd want it in a football advert. Like an underground poker match, there's something very illegal and secretive about this advert. Cantona is suited and booted, running the show like a ringmaster at a circus, while a ball drops through a hole in the roof for a handful of football's elite stars to do battle. 

Eight teams, and only one rule: First goal wins. 

24 football greats do or die in a series of three-on-three battles, producing some mind-boggling skills to eliminate each other from the competition. Special shout out goes to Davids, who appears to be the most elastic man in history. 

Thierry Henry, Totti and Hidetoshi Nakata run out eventual winners, after the Frenchman uses Totti's back as a trampoline to leap and head home the winner. 

All the while Elvis Presley is blaring in the background. There is nothing better in life. 

Bask in its glory ​here