​Real Madrid forward Luka Jovic has angered the club after he ignored Serbia's self-isolation rules to fly home recently and, as a result, Los Blancos are said to be ready to offer him to Chelsea and Tottenham.

Jovic has struggled since he made a big money summer move from Eintracht Frankfurt. Last season, the attacker netted an impressive 27 goals in 47 games, but this term he has managed just two goals in 24 appearances in all competitions. 

Luka Jovic

The 22-year-old has failed to impress on the field, but his off-the-field decisions now haven't gone down well either, with neither his club nor his own country. Los Blancos were one of the first clubs to impose an internal quarantine after one of the players from the club's basketball team reported symptoms of the coronavirus. 

However, Jovic opted to fly home last week and has since been forced to apologise. He took to his Instagram story recently to apologise for the fact that he has been dominating the headlines in Serbia in recent days, but went to explain that he's also sorry that 'some people did their job unprofessionally.'

​The Mirror now report that ​Real had actually given permission to Jovic to fly home, but they were left far from impressed that he ignored strict rules that have been put in place by Serbia due to the pandemic. 

As a result, they claim that the Spanish giants will give Premier League sides ​Chelsea and ​Tottenham the chance to sign Jovic this summer. The report indicates that both clubs have previously shown an interest in the player, but there is no mention as to whether either Spurs or Chelsea remain interested in his services. 

Due to Jovic's recent actions, he has come in for plenty of criticism from government officials in Serbia, with the prime minister claiming: "We have the negative example of our football stars who earn millions and have ignored the obligation to self-isolate.”

Luka Jovic

Serbia's president, meanwhile, has claimed that if he leaves his home, he will be arrested. ​AS report that the former Eintracht man broke Serbian rules regarding their lockdown. It states that all nationals returning to the country from abroad after the shut down was imposed were 'required' to sign a document that explained the restrictions and required a name, address and telephone number

However, he was later seen on the streets.