​Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha has shown his support for the NHS in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic by offering free accomodation to its employees.

The winger has asked NHS workers to reach out to ZoProperties, a company that he and co-owner Obi Williams have run for the last three years. Williams had tweeted earlier to announce the pair were willing to support doctors, nurses and other medical staff by making housing available for them to reside in.

ZoProperties are offering over 50 apartments, that include one-bed to three-bed flats, for no charge at all. They are all situated in various locations across London.

​​Speaking to ​Standard Sport, Williams said:  "I've seen things on the news, I have friends who have family members who work in the NHS and my son was born in an NHS hospital and they were just amazing.

“If there is anything we can do to help obviously we would do it. Now it is time to stand up for everybody, anyone who can help it is time to stand up.

"Anyone who has empty rooms at all in London, they need to do something. They can't just leave their rooms empty whilst people are in huge predicaments as the whole country is right now.

"If you have any kind of accommodation available and empty for whatever reason, everyone should put their rooms up for key workers at this moment."

​Zaha has already recently shown his support for the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, a local organisation supported by the south London club, who have been providing food for those less fortunate and in desperate need.

The ​Palace star is the latest in the football community to offer housing for healthcare workers, following former ​Manchester United defender-turned-pundit Gary Neville's announcement that he would open his hotels to provide accommodation for NHS staff, for no cost at all.

And ​Chelsea also announced recently that the club have made the Millenium Hotel near Stamford Bridge available, for any medical workers that needed somewhere to stay while working hard to respond to the pandemic.