La Liga president Javier Tebas has opened the door to La Liga playing games every 48 hours, in order to bring the season to a conclusion by 30 June.

Football in Spain is paused until April, along with virtually all of Europe, in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Spain itself is in a 'state of alarm', but with the European Leagues body having committed to finishing the season by the end of June, the onus is on La Liga and the rest of the divisions to find a way to bring the campaign to a finish. 

No-one seems to be clear on to how that can possibly happen at this stage, with football not expected to be safe to resume until May at the earliest. 

However, according to ​SPORT, Tebas is 'convinced' the season will be over and done with this summer, and is open to playing games 'every 48 hours' between the middle of May and the end of June in order to meet the deadline. 

​La Liga has 11 rounds of fixtures to play, but Tebas ambitiously believes UEFA's decision to ​postpone Euro 2020 until 2021 bodes well for their prospects of squeezing all those matches in. 

He said on Wednesday, as quoted by ​El Pais“The fundamental scenario is that in the middle, or late May, is the latest start date so that we can complete the season on 30 June.


“The other scenarios are already going backwards. The scenario may also depend on some ​Champions League games that will be played at the weekend, which could give us some margin to start some clubs later, or that we can recover by starting all a little later.

“We are even working with leagues like the Italian one, which has 14 games left, or the Danish one, which has 15 remaining. The decision of UEFA to postpone the European Championships has served us well as we try to finish the competitions."