Is there a better feeling than winning a trophy? No, according to the good people over at New Balance.

To celebrate the end of the season – you know, when teams usually win trophies and football pitches aren't completely bogs – the American sportswear brand have treated us to a new limited-edition whiteout colourway called 'Twisted Silver' for the Furon v6.

The gang over at NB sat down with players and got them to describe the feeling of winning trophies, which inspired them to explore the artistic creation of that holy grail, lifting silverware. 

They worked on incorporating subtle silver touches to the boot as a nod to this craft and a means to delivering something unique for their whiteout boot. This is exemplified through the rich execution seen across the flying NB that wraps the boot.

The newest Furon v6 was introduced in January and is built for the players who consider themselves an assassin – the likes of Liverpool's Sadio Mane – it’s engineered to deliver lethal precision and zero distraction. 

The brand new Furon v6 go on-sale on 16th March and if you fancy a pair of these sparkling beauties, you can pick them up here:

And to circle back to my question at the beginning: I wouldn't know, I support Spurs.