​It's our first Sunday without football of any real description since the heady days of July. Hands up, who is bored out of their mind?

Imagine how much worse it must be being a footballer, then. Particularly a footballer who had been part of a team on track for a long-awaited league title, but has now been sent home for around three weeks to twiddle their thumbs. 

Going from the demands of full-time football to the mind-numbing idleness of enforced isolation must be as jarring as it gets, but oversharing on social media is one way to tackle it. At ​Liverpool, at least Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is enjoying his time off. 

​​The midfielder showed off some synchronised, and definitely questionable dance moves alongside his partner - Little Mix's Perrie Edwards - but we're not judging. Do what you have to do, Ox. 

But while that may be one midfielder's idea of family time, another's is a good deal more wholesome. What would we expect from Liverpool's resident nice guy, Gini Wijnaldum, other than a heart-melting image of him and his kid spending some quality time together? 

The club's Brazilian contingent are handling things in very different ways. Alisson is taking a hands-on (literally) approach to tacking Coronavirus, while ​Roberto Firmino has been learning piano. Well, he's very bad, so you have to hope he's just learning...

What else do we have? Well, Sadio Mané has been using wholly ineffective but nonetheless charming methods to fend off the virus. ​​

While Andy Robertson has been retweeting throwback content from his first professional club.  

But hey, life might be boring, but at least you have money these days. Eh Andy. ​​