​Has a new signing ever given a club more of a lift than Bruno Fernandes has to Manchester United?

Since his arrival, the Red Devils are unbeaten with the midfielder's inspirational performances being a big reason for their upturn in fortunes. 

Fernandes-mania is very much running wild, so you must be itching to find out more about the classy playmaker, right? Luckily, a revealing Sky Sports interview with the man will be released soon, and bits and pieces are being fed to the public.

Here's what he said.

On Manchester United Fans

Manchester United v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

​"It was really nice, the support I have received from the fans since the first day - it's amazing.

"In the first game I listened to the song they did for me and I am like 'two days I am here and I already have a song!'" 

Fernandes is a big fan of the tune as well, even having a crack at a rendition himself. 

"In the game it's better, when the fans sing it," he later admitted. 

Don't be so harsh on yourself, Bruno.

On Shushing Pep Guardiola During the Manchester Derby​

Pep Guardiola

He ​said: ​"I talked about this with some friends and some people think 'Pep won everything, who is Bruno to diss him?', but I think it is about respect.

"Now, I think outside of the pitch I don't do this again if I am on the pitch now. But, at that moment the words he told me made me mad, and on the pitch I am a little bit nervous, it is the kind of player I am.

"I have respect for Pep and what he won, and what he did for football because he changed some mentalities in football.

"But, at that moment he didn't deserve my respect at that moment on the pitch."

On Making Manchester United His First Choice

"The decision was easy because when I had the chance to come [to Manchester United] I did not think twice.

"I talked with Sporting. They had already had some discussions with United about my transfer. When they talked with me I told them my first choice is Manchester United because it is what I need for my career."