​Before we get into this divisive, controversial but ultimately, entirely correct combined XI, we would like to make a few very important points. 

  1. All-time best 11 should not just be a list of the best players, with no thought for formation, style and how they would gel together. We hope you're reading this Garth Crooks. 
  2. Being part of a successful team does not automatically qualify someone as a world class player. We hope you're reading this Jesper Blomqvist. 
  3. There's been a lot of ludicrously good players turn out for both these teams. We are very sorry - not that sorry actually - if your favourite did not make the cut. We hope you're reading this David Silva and Ryan Giggs fans. 

Now those disclaimers are out of the way, let's reveal 90min's all time Manchester City and Manchester United combined Premier League XI.

Peter Schmeichel (GK) 

Champs League SF Peter Schmeichel

​They say you have to be a little bit mad to be a goalkeeper and nowhere does that stereotype fit more aptly than with United legend Peter Schmeichel.

With his acid house inspired shirts and possessed stare, the Great Dane barked instructions at the Red Devils treble winning defence like the drill sergeant in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. 

He was pretty handy in goal too, using his previous experience as a handball player to revolutionise the position with his starfish saves. 

Also, who could forget his surprising knack for scoring goals? Watching a crazed goalkeeper rise above everyone to head home is one of the most satisfying sights in football. We will be encouraging him to go up for every corner for our hypothetical team. 

Gary Neville (RB)

Gary Neville

These days, ​Gary Neville has fingers is so many pies is hard to keep track of what the former United stalwart is up to. 

Punditry? Check. Football club owner? Check. Commentator? Check. Businessman? Check. Philanthropist? Check. 

His busy body tendencies stretch right back to his playing career with Neville openly admitting that it was hard work, not natural born talent, that allowed him to sustain such a lengthy career at the top level. 

This self-depreciation masks what a good player he was though, as 12 Premier League titles, two European Cups and four FA Cups demonstrate. 

Rio Ferdinand (CB)

Rio Ferdinand

​One of only three men to captain United to a European Cup win, Rio Ferdinand ushered in a new breed of Premier League centre-back. 

Starting life as a midfielder with West Ham, Ferdinand's composure and technical ability allowed him to play out from the back in a way that is now essentially for defenders at the highest level. 

His skill set complimented the more brutish approach of Nemanja Vidic, and this partnership would prove to be the lynchpin of one of the club's most successful periods. 

Vincent Kompany (CB)

Vincent Kompany,Manuel Pellegrini

​In 2008, a young Belgian defensive midfielder arrived at Manchester City, a club hoping to push on from their mid table finish the previous season. 

11 years later he would depart for Anderlecht, having captained the Citizens to four Premier League titles, two FA Cups and four League Cups. 

That man was Vincent Kompany and be honest, who wouldn't want to see him line up alongside Ferdinand? 

Patrice Evra (LB)

Patrice Evra,Danny Simpson

​Before carving out a niche on social media as a living, breathing, meme, Patrice Evra played football for a bit. 

Over an eight year stint at Old Trafford the Frenchman experienced many highs, with his signing in 2005 proving vital in securing some of the club's greatest victories. 

The secret to his success? Playing with a ​chicken fillet in his boot. Well, if it worked for one of the best left backs in Premier League history... 

*Writer hastily runs down to the butchers to pick up some meat before his Sunday League game tomorrow*

Roy Keane (CDM)

Roy Keane

​Look, we know what you're thinking and you couldn't be more wrong. We did not put Roy Keane in here because we're scared he'd hunt us done if we didn't. The Irishman - not the Scorsese film (editor's note: a bloody great film) - is very much included on merit. 

In any team, you need a strong leader - someone who ensures that the high standards that we expect from our players never, ever slip. 

There is no one better for this role than Keane, who captained United during their late 90s and early 2000s heyday. 

Kevin de Bruyne (CM)

Kevin De Bruyne

​Kevin de Bruyne's ability to manipulate a football is the closest thing to evidence of sorcery that you'll find on a football pitch. In medieval times he would've been tried as a witch, without question. 

The Belgian's assist number are staggering and he could be on his way to securing his first PFA Player of the Year gong at the end of the season, after coming close in previous years.

De Bruyne's incredible technique also extends to shooting, with the 28-year-old frequently posting impressive goal scoring figures for a central midfielder. 

 Paul Scholes (CM)

Paul Scholes of Manchester United  Walid Badir of Wimbledon

​A footballing enigma, Paul Scholes' silky technique, Hollywood passes and evasiveness have earned him of a string of high profile fans. If only he could tackle, eh? 

The centre midfielder seemed to see things two passes ahead of everyone else and his uncanny ability to control a game was unmatched by his peers.

By the time of his retirement in 2013, Scholes has made over 700 appearances for United and won 11 Premier League titles. Where do you keep that many medals? 

Wayne Rooney (RW)

England's football club Manchester Unite

​On paper, Wayne Rooney is playing right-wing in our team but we are willing to let him roam wherever he wants. Want to got collect the ball from the keeper and spray a 90 yard pass? Fine by us mate.

This level of creative freedom is only afforded to players who truly deserve it and Rooney definitely deserves it. The guy is England's and United's record all-time scorer for goodness sake. 

Bursting onto the scene as a teenager, his razor sharp focus and god-given natural ability made him one of the most fearsome players in world football. He's not done yet either, currently turning out for Derby - sorry the club formerly known as Frank Lampard's Derby County - in the Championship.

Sergio Aguero (ST)

Sergio Aguero

​From one record scorer to another...this strikeforce is really shaping up nicely.

​Sergio Agu​ero become City's all time top goal getter some time ago now and has shown no signs of slowing down since. 

The lowest goal return the Argentine has notched in his eight full Premier League season is 12 with the next lowest being 17. That's pretty ridiculous isn't it? 

Cristiano Ronaldo (LW)

Manchester United's Manchester United's

​Sorry Ryan Giggs, we just couldn't resist the urge to stick CR7 alongside Rooney and Aguero. 

During his formative years playing in the Premier League, ​Ronaldo was mainly deployed as a winger - but that did not stop him posting some obscene scoring numbers. 

During the 2007/2008 campaign, he netted 31 goals in just 34 appearances and terrified defences with a box of tricks as big as three magicians combined.

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