The Premier League has written to all 20 top-flight teams in a bid to lower the risk of coronavirus disrupting the end of the current campaign. 

An email was received by all clubs, outlining the necessary provisions required in order to curtail the risk of match postponements and avoid turmoil in the latter stages of the season. 

Southampton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League

At present, the English top-flight has not been affected by the outbreak of the disease and circumstances have been described as 'business as usual.' 

According to the correspondence, league officials remain in daily contact with the government's health advisers to ensure that precautions are taken to combat COVID-19, and the ​Premier League has advised clubs to implement greater hygiene measures in stadiums and on the training grounds in order to provide greater protection to players and fans.

Clubs are encouraged to limit the number of non-essential visitors to training facilities and keep face to face meetings to a minimum, with Skype offered as the alternative.


"The first team environment is especially crucial: an outbreak affecting the first team of just one club could make completing the season very difficult to achieve," read the communicae from the Premier League, via the BBC

Continuing, the statement read that following government consultation the main contingency plan would resort to Premier League matches being played behind closed doors.

"After discussion with the Government's crisis planners, the main focus for our contingency planning is consideration of a 'behind closed doors' policy," it read.

If that were to happen, the English top-flight would be mirroring recent events in Italy which have led to all ​Serie A matches adopting the behind closed doors policy until 3rd April.

Genoa CFC v Torino FC - Serie A

That is considered to be the Category B option, which follows the current 'as you are' option A and precedes Category C – which involves fixture postponements and cancellations.

The message is loud and clear. Most top-flight clubs have already heeded the warning and implemented their own safety measures to tackle coronavirus. 

Players have been told to stop signing autographs, taking selfies with fans or shaking hands with club staff in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease.