Jürgen Klopp was in no mood to take on questions about coronavirus after his Liverpool side were defeated 2-0 by Chelsea in the FA Cup fifth round on Tuesday.

The Blues were dominant in a game which ended in Liverpool's third defeat in four games, leaving manager Klopp in a frustrated frame of mind post-match.

He was asked whether he had any concerns about the spread of the virus and its implications on ​Liverpool's squad, but the 52-year-old was uninterested in answering such questions, suggesting that they're instead aimed at medical experts.

He said (via ​Metro Sport): "What I don’t like in life is that a very serious thing, a football manager’s opinion is important. I don't understand that. I really don’t understand it, if I asked you, you are in exactly the same role as I am.

"So it’s not important what famous people say. We have to speak about things in the right manner, not people with no knowledge, like me, talking about something.


"People with knowledge will talk about it and tell people to do this, do that, and everything will be fine, or not. Not football managers, I don’t understand that."

The German - who lead ​Liverpool to European and global success over the course of 2019 - continued his rant, insisting that his opinion on the matter has little importance.

Klopp said: "Politics, coronavirus, why me? I wear a baseball cap and have a bad shave. I’m concerned like everyone else. I live on this planet and I want it to be safe and healthy, I wish everybody the best, absolutely. But my opinion on coronavirus is not important."

Hard, to be fair, to argue.