​Ever set up a Twitter account for your Sunday League side? Maybe got some nicknames and numbers ironed onto the backs of some plain Nike template kits? 

Alright rookie. Get on Sirens FC's level. 

The Hackney-based women's team, who only formed last year, have put together an underwater launch for their (to be fair, absolutely sick) 2020 kit, with a ​behind the scenes video of the unusual project. 

Well, we say underwater. They went to Pillars Brewery in Walthamstow and filled up a 12' paddling pool with freezing cold water, in the middle of January, and put together one of the year's early contenders for artsy football photoshoot of the year...for less than £200. Fair play. 

Sirens – who had a guest appearance from former England international Eni Aluko a couple of weeks ago through adidas' Rent-a-Pred promotion – take their name from the Sirens of Greek myth, and team co-founder Morfo Peyiazis explained: "The idea came when we decided to take the game off the pitch to collectively come together as a team to celebrate our namesake and embody a real-life Siren, and create a mystical scene to bring our new kit to sea-like waters."

Fellow co-founder Georgy Rogers added: "With this shoot, we wanted to shed a light on what teams can create with minimal budget and one crazy idea. Enlisting help from the Sirens FC network to bring the idea to life, including photographer Stuart Harper, the result was beautiful photography - a stark contrast to the not-so-glamorous setting of a brewery, a 12ft garden paddling pool and a whole lot of freezing cold water."

No word yet on what to do if the launch has you desperate for one of the most niche kits not even on the market, but they play in the Super 5 League – FA's Grassroots League of the Year 2019, created for women and non-binary players of all levels. Football for all, innit. 

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