​Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has praised rivals Liverpool as the Reds close in on their first title win of the Premier League era.

Liverpool will guarantee the league by beating Crystal Palace at home on March 21 if they win their next four, nearly six years after they all but gave City the title by throwing away a three-goal advantage at Selhurst Park.

City and Liverpool have been fierce competitors in recent years, with the Cityzens pipping the latter to Premier League glory by a single point last season, but De Bruyne had nothing but respect for Liverpool’s dominance this time round in an interview with Sky Sports.

"I don't think there is a level of frustration with Liverpool because you just have to applaud what they are doing,” De Bruyne mused.

“It's also the same as what we had for the last two years - if you have that many points and win that many games, there's not a lot the opposition can do and I know they're just going to control what they do themselves.”

"The only frustration we've had is making too many mistakes and it's nothing to do with them [Liverpool], it's more that we know if we didn't make these mistakes, it [the league] would be closer. We also accept it because you know how hard you have to work to be that good and there's a lot of respect from both sides to each other. If they win it this way, that's how it has to be."

De Bruyne noted that City nonetheless cannot afford to write this season off, with a EFL Cup final appearance against Aston Villa on the horizon this weekend before the second leg of their Champions League tie with Real Madrid.

“We've still got the chance to do three [competitions],” he noted, “so if that will be the case, then that will be pretty amazing.”