Get your tin hats out, because we've got a conspiracy on our hands here.

We all know about Neymar's love of parties. There have even been claims that he exaggerates injuries around his birthday, while his ​record of missing games to go home and party on his sister's birthday is, frankly, mad. He's celebrated with his sister every year since 2015.

However, one party which was not mentioned was Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Suspensions and injuries have ensured Neymar has been able to attend the bash every year for the last five years, but he was actually fit and healthy this year.

​Neymar even took to Instagram to confirm that he wasn't attending the event, which began on 21 February and ends eight days later. On that day, PSG are set to play Dijon, and Neymar had no excuse not to be there.

...But then he got himself suspended.

During Sunday's 4-3 win over Bordeaux, the Brazilian was needlessly sent off in the last minute by throwing himself into a late challenge. As he was already on a yellow card, he made the referee's job easy and earned himself a (very slightly) early bath.

Now, he can't play. What else can he do? Is there anything in the world that could keep him entertained?

​​There's a good chance that Neymar's rash challenge was simply frustration. After all, Bordeaux had kicked him from pillar to post all game. But what if it wasn't?

He has not missed Carnival since 2015, but it looked like he was actually set to skip the festivities for once. He even started his brilliant plan with the Instagram post. He had us all fooled.

Now, he might still not go back to Rio, but can this all really be a coincidence? Really?

We've already had the curse of his sister, but could the curse of Carnival be just as real?

The Twitter detectives look to have made their minds up already, while some bookmakers are offering odds as short as 4/1 that Neymar will also miss PSG's Champions League round of 16 second leg with Dortmund on 11 March - his sis' birthday.

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