Chelsea and Germany defender Antonio Rudiger has spoken of his disappointment after his claims of racial abuse during Chelsea's 2-0 win against Tottenham in December led to no repercussions.

A total of six arrests were made following the match but none were linked to the chants that Rudiger alerted the officials of during that match.

Heung-Min Son,Antonio Rudiger

Investigations were opened by ​Tottenham and the Metropolitan Police to find the perpetrators, but have now been closed due to a lack of evidence.

Speaking in a heartfelt interview with ​Sky Germany​Chelsea's Rudiger said: "Racism has won.

"It shows that these people have won, because they are able to keep coming back to the stadium.

"They won't be punished, and at the end of the day I'm the bogeyman. It's not that I'm giving up or not speaking up. I will always speak up on this, but I'm alone in that regard.

Rudiger's 'bogeyman' comments were in reference to the unsavoury booing that the 26-year-old had to endure by some ​Tottenham fans during yesterday's game.

Antonio Rudiger, Willy Caballero

"Support is there, but words and actions are two different things," he added. "At the end of the day, anyone can say 'I'm sorry!' But only those who share the same fate as me can understand it.

"The mentality is all wrong, and mine too. At the end of the day, you're alone.

"It is a disaster. I gave birth to a child on Thursday. As far as society is today, it will most likely be at the end of the day my child will suffer from it [racism].

"If it's not dealt with, if little kids are not educated properly and aren't taught well at home, then we have lost. We have to be honest.

"Everybody should be looking within their own house, because when I was racially abused in Italy, I kept hearing 'that's normal in Italy'. Everyone has to start with themselves, and then they can talk about others. No country has a handle on it."

Antonio Rudiger

The incident in December led to the ​Premier League's anti-discrimination protocol being used for the first time.

However, without a clear resolution on this issue, it suggests that further preventative measure might have to be introduced.