Information has leaked in Spain as to what Barcelona's kits will look like from 2020/21, with players having already been shown the striking new design, which features a return to vertical stripes. 

Leaks had ​already emerged with regards to the away kit that will launch in July, with the club going all black in their away colours for the first time ever. 

Spanish outlet ​Mundo Deportivo have gone one further with a report centring round what the home kit will look like - lending weight to leaks which circulated online as far back as October. 

Concept images emerged based around their information that the home kit that showed a return their traditional horizontal blue and purple stripes, with a prominent gold trim giving off serious Crystal Palace vibes. 

That was based on information circulated by SPORT at the time, and Mundo's most recent report on the subject suggests images of the home kit are more or less on the money, as they lead with the images in their report claiming the ​Barcelona players have been shown the new design. 

They say the players are happy with what they've seen so far, pleased in particular with the return to vertical stripes and the gold spacing and trim. 

It seems as if it's just the home kit the players have been shown at this stage, but the concept away kit's black design does square with the recent leaks, while there is no supplementary information as yet to back up SPORT's claim that the third kit will be solid pink.

It's unclear if the images which have re-emerged are exactly what the kits will look like, but SPORT are a fairly reliable source for this sort of information, having broken the news of the checked design on the current home shirt last year. 

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