Most of us love picking a combined XI. Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane got the chance to do just that on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football, ​and it was phenomenal.

MNF rarely disappoints, with former players like Carragher, Keane and Gary Neville always bringing insight, criticism and top quality #bantz. You love to see it.

On Monday, Carragher and Keane's task was to build an ultimate XI using players from only this current Liverpool side and Manchester United's treble-winning side of 1999. Obviously, there a whole boat load of talent there, so the pair were probably going to clash once or twice, right?


It starts off with a light-hearted debate about goalkeepers, with Keane revealing that he doesn't actually like Peter Schmeichel without any encouragement. That's the kind of tone he was going for throughout.

As the conversation goes on, it becomes emphatically clear that Keane is not there to hype up ​Liverpool. Obviously, winning the ​Champions League means nothing, because all that matters is they haven't won the ​Premier League...yet.

(Even though in Carragher's own rules, only the 99 and current season's achievements count).

He does admit that Virgil van Dijk is pretty alright, but then looks terrified at the prospect of having said something positive about a Liverpool player, so insists that Jaap Stam was better.

Then we come to midfield. Given Keane was part of that 1999 United side, it always seemed likely that he would want himself in this ultimate XI, and he did not disappoint. He claimed he could do 'everything', before looking puzzled as to why people were laughing.

Of course, Carragher takes it all like a champ, laughing along with Keane and making everything both better and worse at the same time. Perfection.

Keane manages to negotiate his way to picking a full United midfield with Paul Scholes and David Beckham. He even gets a cheeky dig at ​Paul Pogba in there for no reason whatsoever, because of course he does.

However, it all kicks off when they come to Ryan Giggs. Keane looks utterly heartbroken at the idea of benching the Welshman, but he then has a panicked realisation that three or four goals in the season might not actually be good enough.

Keane was obviously never going to be happy unless there were 12 United players in this XI, but Carragher led it all fantastically. You've got Carragher throwing out valid points and Keane just defending his mates. Great telly.

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