Jamie Carragher has suggested that Premier League clubs will be getting a bargain with Jadon Sancho even if they are made to pay a nine-figure transfer fee for the youngster.

The Borussia Dortmund winger has dazzled since moving to the Bundesliga from Manchester City in 2017, and has been at the centre of a flurry of transfer speculation in recent weeks, with the Premier League elite all looking to tempt the 18-year-old back to England. 

Liverpool are the latest club to have been ​linked with Sancho, with Manchester United previously ​confident of securing his signature, and ​Chelsea also rumoured to be interested. 

Jadon Sancho

Dortmund are believed to be after at least £100m for one of their star assets, but former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher insists that because of his age, clubs would still be getting a good deal despite the lofty transfer fee.

Speaking to ​Sky Sports Football Premier League Podcast, Carragher said: "I think he'll have his pick of top clubs in the Premier League, and though the fee may look eye-watering, I think it'll be one of them that over time will look cheap. You're going to get a good player for 10 years there if you keep him at your club."

Sancho has 12 goals and 13 assists for ​Dortmund this season, and in December he became the youngest player in Bundesliga history to score 22 goals. 

Carragher says Sancho's statistics in the final third are further justification for splashing out on the 19-year-old. 

"He's an English player who I think will be desperate to come back, so I think he'll be the hottest thing everyone in the Premier League will be looking to bring in," Carragher added.

"Will he be a hit? I think so. It's a no-brainer, look at how well he has played in a top league with a top club under pressure. He's playing week in, week out, his numbers are fantastic and his age is just perfect."

Jadon Sancho,Raheem Sterling

Carragher drew comparisons with Sancho to Raheem Sterling, who blossomed following his move from Liverpool to Manchester City. 

"If you think about the development of Raheem Sterling at Manchester City, it feels like something similar could happen. It feels like he could be the next Raheem Sterling in terms of goals and assists numbers."