Adrian has warned Liverpool rival Alisson that the Brazilian goalkeeper can't relax with him around, insisting that he's still aiming to win the starting job. 

The Spaniard was brought in on a free transfer this summer to play second fiddle to the Brazil international, but was pressed into action in two separate spells – impressing at the base of the league's tightest defence. 

Speaking to ​BBC Sport, he said: "Alisson is peaceful, humble and deserves every single thing he has achieved. We spend so much time together, but still I'm here to fight. I won't just sit down on the bench and wait. He won the Champions League and the Copa America last year. He was the best keeper in the world. But he can't relax with me around. I've proved it."

Adrian also talked about his decision to walk away from ​West Ham at the end of his contract, explaining: "I'd made a drastic decision not to stay any longer at West Ham, despite having a three-year contract offer on the table. I hadn't played a single game all season in the Premier League. I didn't feel valued economically either, to be honest. It was tough for me.

"Summer came and then I felt those butterflies in my stomach. I knew something good was coming. I was already aware of ​Liverpool's interest before I received the first offers. They called me at the end of July. They said that they'd sell [Simon] Mignolet if I gave the deal the green light. That's how it happened."

Reds fans will be hoping that the Spaniard doesn't add to his ten Premier League appearances for the season, keeping their €72.5m man fit for the rest of what they hope will be their first league title campaign of the 21st century. 

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