Football Manager will sponsor The Offside Rule: WSL Edition podcast for the remainder of the 2019/20 women’s season. The move saves the production after it had been announced earlier this week that it would be ending due to a lack of sponsorship.

The Offside Rule: WSL Edition has been one of the few media productions dedicated to women’s football content and has built a loyal audience left disappointed by its potential loss.

But thanks to the new partnership between Football Manager developers Sports Interactive and production company Muddy Knees Media, the next episode is to be released as normal on Monday 10 February. It will also help fulfil Football Manager’s long-term ambitions of one day including women’s football in the popular game series.

“It might seem strange that a computer game that doesn’t feature women’s football have stepped in to ensure that a podcast about women’s football stays on the air, but we’ve been very clear in the past that the only reason that we don’t yet have women’s football in the game is one of financial viability, a problem that is only highlighted by the potential demise of a great podcast about the sport,” said Miles Jacobson, studio director at Sports Interactive.

“We need excellent shows like The Offside Rule: WSL Edition to continue to push the sport to more and more people so that our dreams of adding women’s leagues to FM can be fulfilled in the hopefully not too distant future but without it, and shows like it, the sport itself has a much smaller chance to break through that glass ceiling that it’s constantly facing despite the great work that the clubs and FA are doing to help it get there.”

The Offside Rule: WSL Edition is presented by Lynsey Hooper and Kait Borsay, both are whom are delighted at being to keep building the audience for women’s football.

“Football Manager, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We have more passion than ever before to make this show after the outpouring of messages and support we received. Thanks to you we can keep delivering top WSL content every Monday in exactly the way we want to,” said Hooper.

Borsay added, “Chuffed is an understatement. Thank you, Football Manager, for ensuring the WSL Edition continues for this season, backed up by over ten years of dedication to reporting on women’s football. The support from listeners and the wider football community has bowled us over to be frank...we know the game deserves this. (Now get listening and subscribing!)”

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